Do you treat Children?

Yes, absolutely! Children between 13-18 Yrs are eligible for free dental care in our clinic and Children Under 12 will be treated by free service at their primary schools.

Do you treat ACC claims?

Certainly! We can help you with Accident related Injuries. Although ,there may be a part charge for some treatments and some procedures may need prior approval before treatment. All will be discussed in detail prior to commencing the treatment on your consultation appointment.

Do you offer Sedation?

Yes, we do offer oral sedation for those patients who are anxious about their visit.( 1 hr prior to their appointment time) Please mention this while making an appointment and make arrangements for transportation, as you shouldn’t be driving for few hours after the Oral sedation. Please also note some medical conditions may contradict use of oral sedation.

Do you do WINZ quotes?

Certainly, please let our reception know when you are making the appointment, so we can arrange that for you.

Do you replace Old Metal fillings?

yes we do remove them under Rubber dam & high vaccume Suction

Do you extract wisdom teeth?

yes, we remove wisdom teeth that are in our scope of practice. Complicated ones can be referred to a Specialist or to the Hospital.