If you have heavily filled teeth with large amalgam fillings, or large resin fillings, those teeth are at risk of stress fracturing and breaking down. Often the side of the tooth, or a cusp will fracture.Causing pain, needing root canal treatment and some times could well end up being an extraction. These teeth need restoring in such a way that they will be strengthened for longevity. Traditionally, full crowns with gold or porcelain fused to metal have been used for this.

The crowns usually take two weeks to be made, and require you to have sensitive temporary crowns, which often allow bacterial leakage during this time.

Experience the Future of Dentistry!

where Metal free Ceramic Crowns are designed and Manufactured right infront of you in approximately 90 minutes!

Unlike the traditional Pain staking methods, We use a 3D scanning system that captures the images of your teeth that are prepared according to the situation and aids us in Designing Full crowns, Partial Crowns ( onlay/ Inlay) and some implant retained Crowns. These designed Crowns are Milled ( Manufactured) using a milling unit in less than 20 minutes time, although certain types of ceramics may take a little longer in the making!

The end Result? Unimaginable levels of accuracy, Flawless fit, and a Perfect bite in addition to Unmatched Esthetics! More Information can be obtained from www.cereconline.com